Baking Magic

Hi there! My name is Laura, I am the studio manager at Glazed Pottery. I live in Manchester, CT with my fiancé and our two dogs. Although I am not a classically trained artist, I love immersing and teaching myself any and every form of art. Laura's dog, ClandestineI have dabbled in everything from linocut print making, to watercolors, plant propagation, knitting, ceramics, baking and more! Some of you may know I had a career in baking before I came to work for the Reid family. I have always loved art but never felt I was good at it. When I was about 15 my cousin and her husband traveled to the US from Italy on their honeymoon and my mom and I decided to make them a wedding cake. The process of not only baking but decorating a cake was so exciting to me. I felt like I had finally found a form of art that was my own. 

During this time of social distancing I have had the time to get back into baking. Due to a lack of ingredients on hand I rediscovered this recipe from the cooking blog Kitchn. I haven't made in forever! It only calls for 3/4 a cup of flour, and since flour seems to be the new toilet paper.... I had EXACTLY enough left to make this awesome cake!  

It’s called a “Magic Cake” and in my opinion, it’s is very aptly named. This would be a fun project for a home economics or Vanilla Magic Cake (The Kitchn)science lesson for all those parents home schooling at the moment. The thing that makes this cake so magical is the densities of ingredients that go into the batter. It’s technically all one batter, but as it bakes the batter falls and rises to create three distinct layers. The top is light and airy almost like an angel food cake, the middle is a custard, and the bottom is a dense, very unique custard layer similar to flan . 

I will warn you - this is not a beginner level dump cake. There is some technique involved so I recommend reading the entire recipe from start to finish before you begin. Have your ingredients measured and at  room temperature, and most importantly - use an electric mixer! Whether it be a hand or stand mixer, it will make a huge difference. If you decide to make this cake please share your results with us by tagging us on social media @glazedpotteryct. I would love to see your magic cakes! 

We hope you are finding this time of social distancing to be one of creative exploration. We miss seeing YOU, our wonderful customers and all of your amazing creations. You guys are my greatest source of inspiration, truly. I cannot wait until we can announce our re-opening, but until then... happy baking! 

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