Light Dimmer/Switch
Light Dimmer/Switch
Chesapeake Ceramics

Light Dimmer/Switch

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This kit includes:

  • One switch plate
  • Paint 

Projects using ceramic glazes: Because this project is completed with the same glazes we use in studio, you must return your piece to be fired at your convenience. We have a curbside drop-off shelf in our lobby where you can leave your pieces to be fired. You will receive an email when your pottery is fired and ready for pick up usually about 10-14 days after it is dropped off.

Projects using acrylic paints: Pieces painted with acrylics paints need fewer coats, dry quickly, and do not need to be fired so you can display them immediately once they are dry. They will dry with a matte finish and can be sealed with a glue-like Mod Podge (not included) for more functional use. PLEASE NOTE, ITEMS PAINTED WITH ACRYLIC PAINT ARE NOT FOOD SAFE!

Please note:  Please allow 24 hours for your order to be processed.