Taylor Swift Silk Screen Designs

Important Information!

We've been building our catalog of TS silkscreens and added NEW TTPD designs to our offerings exclusively for tonight’s event!

What is a silkscreen? Think stencil, but way cooler, allowing much more detail than a traditional stencil. Silkscreens are a printing technique where a design is burned into a fine mesh material (know as the “screen”). We use a special medium of thickened glaze to “print” the design onto pottery. This helps keep your design from bleeding through the screen creating a crisp image.

We hand make all of our TS silkscreens, and even designed some of them ourselves! Check out the following bullet points for important information on how to use our exclusive silkscreen.

  • Silkscreens should not be applied on top of speckled paints.
  • Silkscreens can only be printed in BLACK glaze.
  • Please see a sales associate for help applying your silkscreen.
  • Silkscreens are REUSABLE, please do not throw them away
  • For best results, apply to BONE DRY pottery.
  • We recommend painting your background first and applying your silkscreen on top. You can apply your silkscreen on your bare pottery and paint inside the lines but you do risk painting over your design. Less coats of paint will allow for your design to show through better.
  • Due to the flowy nature of specialty glazes, we do not recommend using silkscreens on top of them as your design will end up distorted.
  • You can browse all of the designs we have to offer below. If you would like to see what size each design is, ask a sales associate for assistance.
  • Thank you for joining us. We are so happy to have you!!