Modern Lighted Cactus *PRE-ORDER*

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*This is a pre-order kit and will be available in 6-8 weeks - just in time for the holiday season. All pre-order sales are final*

Add a little desert to your Christmas decor with this modern light-up cactus! 

This kit includes:

- Cactus

- Assorted colored lights

- Lighting mechanism 

- Brushes

- Standard glazes (up to 4 choices)

Choose your paint:

*Please put paint type and color choices in the notes at checkout. Upgrade to specialty and include one (1) specialty color and up to four (4) standard glaze colors. Acrylic paint orders include red, green, black, and white*

Standard ceramic glazes: The cost of this kit includes our standard ceramic glazes for painting the cactus. These paints will give your piece a vibrant, glossy finish. For this special pre-order, choose from a wider range of colors than we normally offer in our to-go kits! Because this project is completed with the same glazes we use in studio, you must return your piece to be fired at your convenience. 

Specialty glazes: For a small additional cost, you can add a specialty glaze to your order (along with up to 4 standard glaze colors)! These unique glazes create an awesome effect without the effort. Like magic, they melt and move in the kiln to create new colors and shading for extra realism and flair. Specialty glazes and standard ceramic glazes CANNOT be mixed on the same part of a piece. Pieces painted with these glazes also need to be returned for firing.

Acrylic paint: Our best deal! Acrylic paints offer a brightly colored, quick drying finish to your piece. They do not have to be fired, so your piece is ready to display as soon as you're done painting! Acrylic paints CANNOT be combined with any other finishes (standard or specialty glazes). You can seal your acrylic pieces with an acrylic seal (like Mod-Podge) to help it last longer. 


Don't forget after-fire snow!

Pre-order after-fire snow to add to your piece, giving it a perfect wintry look!