True Matte Glazes Pastel

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Here you will find our Matte Glazes! These glazes work differently than our normal offerings and can add a lot of character to your piece. They fire out to a matte finish and require a minimum of 4 coats of paint. 


-Since these glazes come out with a matte finish they cannot be dipped in our clear glaze (because its a glossy glaze, it would "Un-mattify" your paint job. Therefore it is important to cover your entire pottery piece in four coats of glaze without any bare spots showing (inside, outside, top and bottom). 

- Layering these glazes with other glazes is possible and can create beautiful projects, however we recommend consulting a staff member about your vision first. 

- These glazes are non-toxic and food safe and come in 4 oz. containers. 

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