Late Night | November 17th  |  6-10 pm
Late Night | November 17th  |  6-10 pm
Glazed Pottery Painting & Art Studio

Late Night | November 17th | 6-10 pm

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Join us on Late Night for an evening of painting and fun! Our late night events are once a month on a Friday evening from 6 - 10 pm. We recommend arriving promptly at 6:00 to ensure you have enough time to complete your projects.

Food and drink (wine and beer for guests ages 21+) are welcome! So grab your best pals and reserve a table, there is something for everyone.

Registration is required. By completing your registration, this secures your table based on the size of your party. One person from your party must reserve a table  - please account for the total number of people in your party. The reservation will be under the name of the guest who registers for the event.

**Please notify us within 48 hours of the event if you are unable to attend, we often have waitlists for our late nights and would love to offer an available table to another guest.

All you pay for is the cost of your pottery on the night of the event! We have hundreds of items to choose from, ranging in price from $20 - $80 +. We find that most items fall in the $20-$40 range!


NOTE: Brushes are provided for all classes and events. We sanitize them between every use. You do not need to purchase extra brushes with this event unless you wish to for your comfort level and/or extra precaution.