Envision Glaze

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Here you will find a selection of our Specialty Envision Glazes. These glazes work differently than our normal offerings and can add a lot of character to your piece! 


-These glazes are made up of different properties than our normal glazes, therefore they will not be dipped in a clear glaze before firing. It is important to cover your entire pottery piece in three coats of glaze without any bare spots showing (inside, outside, top and bottom). Any thin or bare spots will not look consistent and will not be waterproof.

- Layering these glazes with other glazes is possible and can create beautiful projects, however we recommend consulting a staff member about your vision first. 

- These glazes are non-toxic and food safe and come in 4 oz. containers. 

- There are different types of envisions offering opaque, semi-opaque and transparent colors with a high-gloss finish and outstanding brushability for ease of application. 

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