Custom Vinyl Stencil
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Custom Vinyl Stencil

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We love creating custom stencils for you! Add this listing to any pottery order and describe your stencil in the notes at checkout or email your idea (we love inspo photos, too!) to Pricing is determined by size. Check your pottery listing for the size of your piece or feel free to ask us to suggest the right size.

These single use vinyl stencils make it so easy to create a crisp and clean image on your pottery. Simply peel, stick, paint, and remove for a seamless outcome. Instructions included. Stencils work best on flat, not curved items. 

POTTERY NOT INCLUDED. Don't forget to add your pottery selection of choice to your cart when purchasing this stencil.  

Tip: Make sure if you are using your stencil over glaze you already painted, that the glaze is extremely dry. Any moisture wont allow the stencil to stick. It might seem a little more difficult than expected but just keep pushing those edges down and you will love the finished product!