Crystal Glaze

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Here you will find our Crystal Glazes! These glazes work differently than our normal offerings and can add a lot of character to your piece. They contain pieces of glass, or "frit" which melt in the firing process leaving behind a burst of color.


-These glazes are made up of different properties than our normal glazes, therefore they will not be dipped in a clear glaze before firing. It is important to cover your entire pottery piece in three coats of glaze without any bare spots showing (inside, outside, top and bottom). Any thin or bare spots will not look consistent and will not be waterproof.

- Layering these glazes with other glazes is possible and can create beautiful projects, however we recommend consulting a staff member about your vision first. 

- These glazes come in 4 oz. containers. 

These glazes are NOT food safe due to the uneven surface texture of crystal glazes. The nooks and crannies that are created by the glass frit may cause food particles to get trapped potentially harboring bacteria.

PRO-TIP: Do not mix or shake your paint before applying your first two coats, you want they crystals to sink to the bottom. After your first two coats are dry you can then mix your crystals in for the last coat. Apply the chunks of crystal to the top two thirds of your piece. The crystals melt and flow and have the potential to cause damage to the kiln shelves if placed to close to the bottom of your pottery. 

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