Lighted Holiday Pre-Order

*These pre-order kits will be available in 6-8 weeks - just in time for the holiday season! All pre-order sales are final*

Kits include:

- Pottery (tree and base, wreath, truck, etc)

- Assorted colored lights

- Lighting mechanism 

- Brushes

- Standard glazes


Customize your kit!

- Upgrade to specialty glazes! These unique glazes create an awesome effect without the effort! Like magic, they melt and move in the kiln to create new colors and shading for extra realism and flair.

- Choose acrylics! Acrylic paints offer a brightly colored, quick drying finish to your piece. They do not have to be fired, so your piece is ready to display as soon as you're done painting!

- Order add-ons like after fire snow to add special flair to your piece!